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All I Ever Wanted by Carl-Peter Hough

Love, obsession, rock n roll … In the warm and confusing summer of 1978, a young and lovelorn Paul O’Neill writes a love song that takes on a life of its own through his subsequent career as a successful recording artist and songwriter.


Through his life and adventures, through fast times and through tragedy, the song keeps him alive, keeps him functioning, earns him his living and gives him everything he needs. Everything bar one.


Eventually the song takes him on an adventure he could never have imagined back in the days before he was formed as an artist, as a man.


You send your message to the cosmos – sometimes the cosmos answers.


Readers say:

“I read it in 5 hours straight. Very believable, funny, thought-provoking and moving.”


“Carl-Peter Hough’s style is reminiscent of Nick Hornby and William Boyd – a cool, gritty and compelling read.”


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